Martin Zet

< rotor > & Cultural City Network / Graz 

*1959, lives and works in Libušín

Koloběžka – Scooter – der Roller
...or something of that kind emotional like hell when I saw it through the corridor window in the middle of the winter on the thoroughly concrete-covered courtyard and nothing nobody else around I started to wail poor little three-wheel thing

while forced to leave my cosy little zimmerarrest the scooter became my object of observation and observing brought the relief and I remembered that in the hospital they measured the pain in numbers they always asked me where my pain was on the scale from one to ten so now I used the floors as the scale and that was a good decision

making my research I became detached and I even couldn’t understand that somebody can be touched by something which is so interesting for exploration

I went downstairs opened the door entered the courtyard checked it and then climbed back upstairs making photo of der roller through every window on every floor on the staircase and I saw less and less and I felt better and better and even when I opened window in my attic I didn’t see nothing and I must say people say that distance can make you homesick or something but in this case distance made me not to see my koloběžka and even better it made me to forget about my koloběžka so I can continue living in my mind not being disturbed by it – what is the object called?