Ў Gallery of Contemporary Art / Minsk

Ў Gallery of Contemporary Art is a leading independent institution in the field of contemporary art in Belarus. The gallery shows contemporary art projects of artists from Belarus and other countries, actively supports social-practice and research projects, and organizes lectures by art critics, curators, and researchers in the field of art, philosophy, urbanism, and gender studies.

One of the primary focuses of Ў Gallery is educational programs for adults and children, including those with developmental issues and other special needs: the organization of seminars, master-classes and workshops on the history of art, art-criticism, art management and curating with the participation of Belarusian and international specialists. The goal of these educational programs is to gather around the gallery not only artists, but to create the conditions in Belarus for a stable critical-analytical environment and strengthen communication between the Belarusian art professional community and its foreign colleagues and partners. Friends of the gallery, public groups, and activists also use the space for their own educational programs. Ў Gallery builds its own multi-disciplinary activities based on the principles of openness and broad participation.

In April 2018, Ў Gallery of Contemporary Art will begin working in a new location as a center of contemporary art. The primary goals of the new center are to involve all possible age groups in the projects and activities by creating a barrier-free environment and to adapt exhibition and educational programs to the needs of people with developmental issues and disabilities.