Slovakia / Bratislava was set up in Bratislava in 2002 as part of, a network of initiatives in contemporary art working independently in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

While the concern for re-evaluating recent Central East European art histories, granting visibility to to local and regional contemporary art practices within an international context have been part of´s agenda from the beginning, in the last four years a more explicit focus on the relationship between art and society as well as multidisciplinary approach was developed. The research-based exhibitions, lectures, discussions and workshops address a broad thematic spectrum, like self-organisation, social change, ecology and sustainability, urban space and neighbourhood, the art system and conditions of artistic production.

When conceiving the program, seeks to identify needs of the immediate artistic and social environment and elaborates responses to them. Contribution to the development of critical thinking, experimentation, as well as bringing together people active in various disciplines plays an important role. In order to enhance the professional network, also with an aim to establish long-term relationships, is working on establishing a program for research-based residencies for artists and curators from the region and beyond. It is planned to focus more on long-term projects, interdisciplinary and international collaboration in the next years.