Czech Republic

Faculty of Art and Design / UJEP / Ústí nad Labem 

The Faculty of Art and Design (FAD), Jan Evangelista Purkyne University (UJEP) in Ústí nad Labem is considered to be an art school respectful to the history of art, philosophy and science as traditional academic values and social responsibility to be vigorously developed and framed into innovative artistic and theoretical views, while coping with current social and cultural challenges.

It creates and supports an international environment via internships, exchange programmes, workshops, lectures and exhibitions of international artists, curators and theorists. Collaborations take place with art academies, public institutions, galleries, museums and design studios in Europe, Asia and America.

The Ústí nad Labem House of Arts is also part of FAD/ UJEP. Its exhibition concept is focused on the presentation of the important artists and key artistic trends and themes currently shaping Central European art. The program of this institution combines artistic, research, education and publication activities, which are consistently implemented in an international context and in collaboration with a number of Czech and international partners.

For the residency, the participant(s) will be accomodated in a room at the university dormitories, use the own studio space at the nearby Ústí nad Labem House of Arts and can use the workshops at the Faculty of Art and Design close to the dormitory. The participant(s) will further be invited to participate in the "Faced to the Art" series of lectures given to the FAD UJEP students and to participace in the accompanying program of the Ústí nad Labem House of Arts.